What I’m Focusing On Now

  • Working on lots of stuff at
  • Doing my best to write and publish regularly – tricky this one, but getting better slightly better at it
  • Enjoying the onset of the summer in the mountains, recording video and taking lots of photos
  • Working on a daily mediation habit < That hasn’t worked out, but I’m committed to starting the WimHof course I bought nearly a year ago. A friend in the US is also going to start at the same time so that we can motivate each other. I’m hoping that the WimHof breathing will be a kind of meditation. << Actually, none of the meditation stuff is working out very well, although I have stuck with the Wim Hof cold showers and actually enjoy them now… Leading up to a dip in one of the cold lakes here (basically melted snow at 2,000+ metres – it’s *cold*)
  • Gymnastic Bodies daily workout – this is going pretty well and I’m managing to improve my mobility too. Backache is almost a thing of the past.

This update was done on 3rd July, 2017